About us

Work and innovation

Our history

We are a Paraguayan company on the market for almost 30 years, from our beginnings we were passionate for the furniture sector and in the course of time we found the meaning of our business, manufacturing sofas and reclining armchairs, being pioneers in the market in the assembly of this type of furniture. We work with different materials such as fabrics, eco leather and our specialty is to shape genuine leather. Our allies are leading companies in the world that collaborate with the provision of accessories, finishes and materials of the highest quality.

We currently have a plant of approximately 10,000m2 assembled with advanced technology, high-precision sewing machines of European technology. Our main asset is our human resource, trained and qualified to achieve world class products.

Through our constant work and innovation, we position ourselves as the only industrial plant specialized in the manufacture of sofas and armchairs. Our offer not only meets the needs of the local market but also we serve highly competitive markets in the region and extra zone, reaching agreements with companies in Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Germany, Spain and the US.

We believe in work, innovation, we are passionate about what we do, these values run in our DNA the same values that lead us where we are today and will continue to be present for future projects to come.

Work and innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship runs through the veins of our founders, which is why from the beginning until today they participate in the most important world fairs of the sector in order to import the latest designs and trends, and the latest technology to our country; essential ingredient to maintain relations abroad.

Throughout our history we participated as exhibitors in the most important fairs in the world, among them we can mention:

  • Germany

    Hannover Fair

  • Mexico

    Furniture Expo - Guadalajara

  • Chile

    Furniture Expo - Fisa de Santiago

  • Spain

    Furniture Expo - Canary Islands

  • Bolivia

    Every year we participate at Expo Cruz